2016 Australian Open scores

Anyone for tennis?
January ’16′s cracking around be a scorcher. Not just with regards to the summer heat. 2016 offers to deliver, as Melbourne Park is a hunting ground. Intense, incensed, intrepid, inveterate rivalry, that’ll convert a peaceful seagull sanctuary in to a frenzy of GRUNTS. On and off court antics that’ll inflame. Yet amuse. 2016, year being there – for a lot of particular reasons:

Serena Williams is at form

Williams recently acquired 2nd seed Romanian Simona Halep in the Cincinnati Masters to secure her 69th WTA title. Subsequent US Open Australian open 2016 live scores, seeing her ascend towards the semis – thus postponing the milestone 70. Nonetheless, she’s in fine form. But perhaps that’s ’cause she’s no choice. With fierce competition in the likes of Swiss Belinda Bencic (who recently ejected her through the Rogers Cup in Toronto), Roberta Vinci (who shockingly downed her at Flushing Meadows), and Sharapova (embittered by Williams at Oz Open ’15), there’s little breathing space. Plus, she’ll ought to ramp this even more if she desires to avenge herself


There’s some favourites who could possibly be hanging in the gloves, or headbands. Though Roger Federer confirmed he’s partaking in Wimbledon 2016, and it is locked in for Melbourne, there’s whispers next year might be his last. He recently dismissed Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic to secure his seventh Cincinnati Masters title. And was runner-up (by way of a whisker) to Djokovic in the US open. So however the 34 yr old ain’t going quietly, a ’17 Melbourne showing ain’t guaranteed. And that’s not all! Another of our own favorites, homegrown Hewitt. Said for being calling it quits following the Oz Open. So this may be your last possible opportunity to admire these champion veterans personally.


When looking at tennis, more precisely mens Australian tennis, there has been a spate of uproars – Nick Kyrgios, Bernard Tomic, as well as a lesser extent Thanasi Kokkinakis. What’s wrong together remains unknown. Yet in spite of the inflated egos, such brashness doesn’t always hinder. For instance, when Kokkinakis was faced with Ryan Harrison after having a match in Cincinnati, it empowered Australian open tennis 2016 him enough not to get intimidated. But that’s no all-encompassing justification, as whenever you ignore hotel management, or make dirty references with an opponent’s girlfriend, you’re from order. But permit me to ask, so are we that new to such behavior? For it wasn’t previously, a younger Hewitt’s “C’MONS!” were flustering opponents and Pat Cash was boozing up/breaking stuff. And John McEnroe in the 1990 Australian open. Jeepers. Yet it’s the emotional types who admittedly, and rather naughtily, often entertain one of the most.